Vistarenni Cottage - Loc. VistarenniGaiole in Chianti, Italy



The town nestles in the heart of Chianti hills , between wine crops, sunflowers fields and charming panoramas, near the river Massellone. In Gaiole there is one of the largest winery of the Chianti Classico area, the Castello di Brolio, where in 1872 Bettino Ricasoli created the formula of the blend Chianti Classico.

This is a village with a medieval flavour surrounded by stone walls. Radda in Chianti is a wonderful place overlooking the valleys of the famous Tuscany region.Narrow streets and old buildings are the framework for a breathtaking landscape. The Palazzo del Podestà, with all of its coats of arms and the distinctive clock on the façade is worth a photo opportunity.

The famous Chianti vineyards that are seen all around the world on photos and postcards are clearly visible even before crossing the boundaries of Greve in Chianti, but you can't be said to you have experienced the real Chianti until you enter the renowned stone triangular shaped Piazza, and you breath that typical atmosphere of Chianti villages which is characterized, bet of all, by Greve in Chianti. Walking through the calm and quiet streets of this small, but quite active town, you cannot immagine that in the past the village was involved in the centuries-old war between Florence and Siena.

Probably one of the most famous medieval village in tuscany , this town, on the top of the hill, is easily explored on foot. It contains houses 14 stunning towers: heritage of the over 70 that once lined the city. The town offers many fabulous works of arts of the 14th and 15th centuries, kept in the Civic Museum and the Museum of Sacred Art. The Torture Museum offers an eye opening collection of ancient torture instruments, including some still used today in the world. The rock fortress, dating back to the 14th century, is a romantic ruin that offers beautiful views of the town. At the top of the Torre Grossa, the highest in the town, you can enjoy the views of the rooftops and the surroundings.

A beautifully preserved medieval village on top of a hill, surrounded by walls dating from the thirteenth century and kept virtually intact even today. Dante compared the 14 towers to Titans guarding the deepest abysses of hell. Monteriggioni has a lovely Roman church overlooking the square and boasts a public garden.